Mission Statement

The purpose and objectives of the Association shall be:
2.1 To foster unity among Isoko people in Houston and around the United States of America
2.2 To promote the cultural heritage of the Isoko people in the Houston Metropolis.
2.3 To promote economic, intellectual, and cultural cooperation among Isoko people
2.4 To promote research into, and publications about Isoko language, people, history and culture through the use of all available medium.
2.5 To identify, promote, develop and to advance the socio-economic interests of Isoko communities.
2.6 To identify, develop, and coordinate its activities with organizations in Isokoland, Delta state, Nigerian and around the world, for the socio-economic development of Isokoland.
2.7 To assist and support our active members and immediate family members during life events such as death, child birth, marriage, child high school/college graduation. Immediate family member is defined as an active member spouse, children, mother, and father.

Vision Statement

To promote good citizenship and peaceful co-existence between Isoko people and their host communities in the Houston metro area and in the United States of America.