7.2 The Vice President

A) Shall perform the functions of the office of President in the absence of the President.
B) Shall assist the President in the day to day running of the association
C) In the event of the President-General’s resignation, removal, incapacitation, death or absence exceeding one hundred and eighty (180) days, the Vice president automatically becomes President until the next election.
D) Performs other duties as may be assigned by the President.

7.3 The Secretary shall:

A) Be the chief scribe of the Association
B) Maintain all official records and documents of the Association
C) Be responsible for all internal and external correspondences of the Association
D) Record minutes of all meetings and circulate such minutes to the appropriate group(s) no later than (30) days after the meeting
E) Perform other duties as may be assigned by the President

7.4 The Treasurer shall:

A) Be the custodian of the Association’s finances and landed properties
B) Deposit funds of the Association within three working days from the date of receipt
C) Maintain record of all funds received from the Financial Secretary and deposit into the Association’s account.
D) Keep all bank check deposits and withdrawal receipts as well as purchase receipts.
E) With the President, sign all checks drawn on, and disbursements from, the Association’s account(s).
F) Maintain the financial records of the Association
G) File all necessary tax-related and finance-related forms and documents
H) Provide an account of the association’s receipts and disbursements to members and other parties on a quarterly basis or when requested to do so by a simple majority vote of active members.

7.5 The Financial Secretary shall:

A) Collect members’ dues, fines, levies, pledges, and funds from sales of association property.
B) Collect all monies due and/or owing to the Association from any and all persons, including members.
C) Deliver all monies collected on behalf of the Association to the Treasurer not later than forty-eight (48) hours from the date of collection.
D) Obtain a signed acknowledgement of funds transfer to the Treasurer.
E) Keep accurate record of any and all monies received and/or disbursed on behalf of the Association.
F) Report the status of association accounts to members in every meeting.
G) Advice members of their respective financial obligations to the Association from time to time.
H) Write checks on the accounts of the Association, but shall not have the authority to sign written checks.
I) Fully cooperate with internal and/or external auditors of the Association in a timely manner