Membership of the Association shall be open to all Isoko people by birth or marriage, or by adoption.


A) All members of the association shall have the right to attend all association’s meetings and events.
B) All members shall have the freedom to express their opinion freely at all association meetings and events.
C) Members must attend scheduled meetings for at least 50% of the time in a revolving12 month period in order to be considered active members.
D) Members must be current in their dues at all times. Members who owe more than 6 months membership dues shall be deemed to be inactive members (unless such a member is known to be a full-time student or unemployed)
E) Only active members shall vote and be voted for during association elections.
F) Only active members who have supported other members in their life events shall be supported and assisted in their time of need for such support
G) An inactive member shall be deemed dormant on the first day of the 7th month of inactive membership.
H) An inactive member may be reinstated to active membership when such request for reinstatement is made. Upon re-admission, the dormant member must immediately pay 7 months membership dues in order to be re-admitted to active membership status.
I) There shall be a 60 day waiting period before a re-admitted member can enjoy all rights and privileges of active membership of the association.


4.1 The official mailing address of the Association shall be a designated Post Office Box, unless otherwise specified.
4.2 The Secretary shall inform all Members of the addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and other pertinent information whenever changes are made.


5.1 The Association shall meet at least once on the third Sunday of every month.(Unless otherwise rescheduled by members in a general meeting.
5.2 All schedule meetings shall be held irrespective of the number of members in attendance. However, only when 33% or greater numbers of active members are present would decisions made in a meeting be binding on all members.
5.3 Upcoming meeting venue and address shall be announced at the end of current month meeting.
5.4 Article 5.1 notwithstanding, the Secretary, in consultation with the President and Treasurer has the authority to summon special meetings at any time to discuss important business of the association.
5.5 The Secretary shall remind/notify all members of such and all meetings in writing or other electronic communications media like email, text or facebook at least 24 hours prior to such meetings.