7.6 Public Relations Officer (PRO)

A) The PRO shall perform the duties of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary
B) Shall be responsible for all media publications,advertising and newsletter publications of the association.
C) Shall promote the reputation and culture of the association by organizing press conferences, exhibitions, and publishing articles in the newspaper. Such media outreach must be in consultation with the President.
D) Shall be responsible for planning and scheduling of all social activities of the association.

7.7 Patron
A person shall be appointed Patron for a period of 2 years (subject to revalidation for another 2 years by a vote a majority vote by active members). He or she shall be an outstanding model citizen of Nigeria who supports the cause of the association and works together with the President and the Executives to uphold and promote the mission, values, aims and objectives of the Association at every opportunity.

A) The Patron is accountable to the President General.
B) There shall be no more than 2 patrons in any given year.
C) The terms of the appointment shall be 2 years; subject to renewal thereafter for up to 10 years.
D) To lend credibility and high profile support to the organization, help with fundraising, and public relations.
E) A patron may be removed by resolution ofageneralmeeting of the active members passed by a simple majority, or by resignation.

7.8 Hand Over

Each officer of the Association shall prepare a typed hand-over note, and shall transfer all documents, correspondences, files, and any other property of the Association in his/her possession to his/her successor or to the Association no later than thirty (30) days of leaving office.